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With every release of the Apple, the techie world goes crazy. Being a leading gadget maker, Apple designs each of their products with magnificent accuracy and precision. The lates market sensation Apple’s iPhone 5 is yet to be released into the market. Gadget geeks are looking forward to it with huge expectations. 


According to the experts, this device will start to rock the market from the month of September. The new and improved 5th generation iPhone has a lot of features that would change the whole dimension of the gadget world. This sensational smartphone is considered as market leader among all the smartphones, even before its release. 

when is the iPhone 5 coming out

Let us now, check some of its features:

Ultra Thin Design

  • The sleek and chic look of the iPhone is always mesmerising. iPhone 5 is expected to carry the same legacy of the previous iPhones. However, there will be something unique and something better to offer. According to the gadget gurus, latest iPhone 5 will be an ultra thin device with a larger screen display.


LASER keyboard

  • iPhone 5 is coming with all new LASER keyboard technology. Sounds interesting! Isn’t it? If something happens like this, then iPhone 5 will be the first smartphone to incorporate LASER technology in a phone. There are so many online articles are claiming this news to be true. Visit http://iphone5latest.com, to get more about it. This site seems pretty smart and informative.


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Holography Display

  • Rumours suggesting that the new iPhone 5 will feature a holographic display. This will be another interest as well as unique feature of this phone. Till date, no smartphone has been able to do this. That is why, people are looking forward to the iPhone 5 with huge expectations. Visit this website to learn more. Thanks for reading this article; I hope you enjoyed reading this.


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